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In this 30-minute discovery session, you'll meet your coach and determine if our coaching system is right for you.

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Full Focus Planner


Focus and finesse.

The Leather Full Focus Planner is for the professional who wants a sleek, daily planner that helps them define success on their own terms—personally and professionally.

Available in 2 styles (standard & coil) and in 7 colors.

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Full Focus Planner


A modern classic.

The Linen Full Focus Planner is perfect for the achiever who wants a clear and concise goal setting system packed inside a feel-good, cloth-coated cover.

Available in 2 styles (standard & coil) and in 5 colors.

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Full Focus Planner


Concentrated confidence.

As the smallest member of the Full Focus Planner family, the Pocket Planner is perfect for on-the-go achievers.

Available in 3 colors.

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