Are You Sick of Feeling Like You're Stuck in the Same Old Rut, Year After Year?



Maybe it's time for you to get unstuck and achieve the success you've been dreaming of.

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What would your life look like if you achieved all the goals you set for yourself?



Are you struggling to reach your goals?

Do you want to take control of your success and make a plan to reach your dreams?

With this goal-setting course, you can learn how to use SMARTER goals to unlock your potential and achieve your aspirations!

SMARTER goals give you the structure and guidance you need to make success a reality.

Do you often feel overwhelmed by all the things on your To-Do list?


Would you love to have a clear plan that helps you stay focused and get results fast?


Would you like to:

✓ take control of your life?

✓ set powerful goals?

✓ Stick to your goals?



 Look no further... 


The "SMART(ER) Goal Setting" Workshop

SMARTER Goals Image

This amazing workshop provides a step-by-step guide to helping you create powerful, inspiring, attainable goals!





✓  Create a clear plan to achieve your aspirations 
✓  Set achievable and realistic objectives
✓  Measure your progress and stay on track 
✓  Remain motivated and stay focused on your goal
✓  Prioritize activities and make the best use of your time 
✓  Monitor success and adjust your strategy as needed 
✓  Increase productivity and stay organized
✓  Reduce stress and anxiety related to goal setting & achievement
✓  Get results and reach your goals faster


There are 4 modules with 14 total lessons.



The modules include:

Introduction to SMART(ER) Goals

Creating SMART(ER) Goals


Putting It All Together


Don't let your dreams become a distant memory!

Now is the time to put an actionable plan in place; join the SMARTER Goal Setting workshop and gain clarity around achieving your goals!

The sooner you take advantage of this life-changing opportunity, the further ahead you will be on making your dreams come true.

Sign up now and start creating the future you've always wanted!


Normally $197

ONLY $47.00

for a limited time

  • Unleash Unstoppable Drive: Ignite an unwavering passion for achieving your goals with our proven SMARTER framework.
  • Achieve More, Effortlessly: Unlock the secrets to streamlined productivity and effortlessly turn dreams into reality.
  • Embrace Fearless Growth: Conquer challenges head-on by mastering the art of calculated risk-taking in goal setting.
  • Align Ambition with Purpose: Craft goals that resonate deeply with your values, ensuring meaningful and lasting success.
  • Cultivate Lifelong Achievement: Equip yourself with invaluable skills to consistently set, pursue, and conquer your aspirations.

Unlock Your Potential

Take control of your life and unlock your potential with our SMARTER Goal Setting workshop. Become a master of goal setting by identifying what you want, why it's important to you, how to get there, creating an action plan and learning techniques for staying on track. Learn the same strategies used by successful CEOs so that you too can lead a life filled with purpose and results.

Expertly Guided Goals

This SMARTER Goal Setting workshop provides the perfect roadmap to reach any and all of your goals! A comprehensive step-by-step process, created by experts in goal setting strategies, helps you craft realistic and achievable targets that are tailored to you – giving you the skillset needed to set achievable benchmarks in both professional and personal aspects of life. With this workshop at your side, there is no limit on what goals you can attain!

Achieve Any Goal

In the SMARTER Goal Setting workshop, you'll gain the tools and skills you need to achieve whatever goal you set! Our program is applicable to all types of goals - whether it's financial, career-oriented, physical fitness, or personal development related. You'll be guided through formulating measurable objectives that hold yourself accountable as well as strategizing steps to success.

Coach Picture

Ben Ribble, Coach

When I graduated from college, I was eager to enter the professional world and accomplish great things. But it didn't take long for me to realize that success doesn't come easily. There are obstacles to overcome, goals to set, and milestones to reach.

I quickly became overwhelmed with all the variables of a successful life, both professionally and personally. It felt like there were no guidelines or support on how to take actionable steps toward achieving my goals. After months of research and determination, I happened upon a system that worked for me: SMARTER Goal Setting!

I've formulated this interactive workshop so that other ambitious individuals wouldn’t have to waste time making my mistakes. My goal is for participants to walk away armed with tested strategies for taking ownership of their life and reaching their highest potential.

30 Day Action Takers Guarantee

In fact, I’m willing to GUARANTEE it. If you take action on the materials and don’t find yourself moving toward your goals with more intentionality than ever before, I’ll refund your money.

This 30-day action takers guarantee ENSURES that all the risk is on me. If these materials don’t empower you to move forward on your dreams, I’ll refund your money.

It’s ALL reward, NO risk.