19. Updating Goals: The 6 R’s

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In this episode of the Do More podcast, host Ben from benribble.com delves into the dynamic nature of goal setting and introduces a framework called 'The 6 Rs'.

Key Topics Covered:
1. Review: Regularly assess your goals to ensure they align with your values, aspirations, or current circumstances.
2. Rejoice: Celebrate each achievement no matter how small as it fuels motivation.
3. Recommit: If your goals resonate with you, reaffirm your commitment to them.
4. Revise: As we grow and our circumstances change, our goals need adjustments – this signifies growth rather than failure.
5. Replace: Discard outdated or irrelevant goals and replace them with ones that better align with current aspirations.
6. Remove: Get rid of any goal that is no longer relevant or aligned with long-term vision.

This episode encourages listeners to tap into their full potential by setting smarter goals today for a brighter future.

Remember that updating goals isn't indicative of failure but self-awareness and growth—it's positive! Embrace progress over perfection on this journey towards achieving ambitions mirroring who you are now and who you aspire to become in the future.